Owners try to cover the market as much as possible, this is also one of their strategic goals. From 2013 it will be the Vesz-Mont 2000 group of companies. They bought their own in the various companies, which they believed would strengthen their activity. The group has an engineer's office in Budapest, Quantum Lasertech Ltd., where they deal with laser technology and R & D. Industrial lasers, marking, welding, soldering are their specialty. They do not build a laser source, but they give the technology around them.
We also have a trading company, this is Mont-Trade 21 Ltd. Its roots are back to the establishment. István Szalay, who started Vesz-Mont at that time, is here as owner.
In order to expand capacity, they acquired ownership in Veszprém Mechanical Works Ltd. in 2015. The company is managed by Vilmos Köcski, owner co-owner. Automotive supplies remain in the Vesz-Mont area, and VMM as a wage work center will continue to operate. With this network, we are able to form the whole thing with each other, complementing each other.
We can be strong enough in the Hungarian market. The revenue of the four companies reached nearly four billion forints in 2015, and we are working together, with almost 200 people.


Veszprémi Mechanikai Művek Kft.

VMM Kft. Joined the group of companies in 2016. He is currently working as a wage center.
In the past, a company specializing in the production of machine tools was established in 2001. The company's activities are based on engineering, business and professional integrity.
In the past, they cover their capacities with large and small companies, individual customers with various types of target machines, ready-made tools and assembly technology, covering several areas of expertise (automotive, building industry, fine mechanics). They are always trying to meet the ever increasing technical requirements. Complex product development and production technologies were fit to the profile of the company.
Their largest customers are Continental, Velux, U-Shin, Alcoa, Legrand in Veszprém.
After joining the group, the company underwent a complete transformation. They moved to a new site and dealing with laser cutting, jet cutting, sheet bending, welded construction, instead of mechanical engineering, like before

Veszprémi Mechanikai Művek Kft.

8200 Veszprém
Tüzér utca 77.

Tel.: +36 88 561 665
Fax: +36 88 561 666

Quantum Lasertech Kft.

“The expectations of life depend upon diligence the mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools.” - Confucius
Our business has set the goal of spreading laser to industrial applications. We offer lasers for both organic materials and metals:
  •  For the processing of organic materials, UNIVERSAL Laser Systems Inc. can individually purchase, deliver high-value CO2 laser sources, organically related cutting and marking optics, and various stage workstations. Most of our lasers are available in air-cooled versions, which allow for significant investment cost savings as no separate water-air cooling unit is required, and these devices carry the benefits of a compact unit, long life and increased stability.
  • For the cutting and marking of metals, English SPI Lasers UK Ltd. is originally designed for fiber optic fiber laser sources of unbeatable rack size. The laser energy comes via the light cable to the surface to be machined, so it is easy to integrate the device even at even greater distances. Their power supplies are 230V AC. The life expectancy of the laser is 450,000 operating hours. An ideal tool for small and medium-sized businesses, with its affordable price and flexible usability.

Our company has set up not only the sale of lasers, but it is more important for us to provide solutions that enable our partners to perform manufacturing quickly, efficiently and predictably. We offer a complex solution for this. Our skilled team of experts provides support in a variety of applications, provides helpful guidance throughout the integration process and provides a full range of non-stop service. Quantum Lasertech Kft.  is an experienced, enthusiastic team of people who are concentrating on your successes now and in the future.

Quantum Lasertech Kft.

2040 Budaörs
Gyár Street 2.

Tel.: +36 30 539 1501

Mont-Trade 21 Kft.

Mont-Trade'21 was founded in 2001 by experts with significant professional experience in machine construction.
Based on the work of recent years, the company's scope of activity - trade and manufacture - has been established, the essence of which can be summarized as follows:
Distribution and production of basic components and accessories, used in the field of assembly technology, machine manufacturing, automation and logistics. It helps the companies that manufacture complete equipment to concentrate on the main task rather than focusing on components.

  • Aluminum profiles
  • Vibrating Dispensers
  • Table extruders
  • Lightweight construction conveyor construction elements
  • Linear wires
  • Aluminum profile accessories and fasteners
  • Special aluminum profiles

  • Mounting and operator tables
  • Machine frames and coverings
  • Customized sub property structures on demand
  • Cupboards
  • Showcases
  • Material handling wagons
  • Fences
  • Technologizing of vibration feeders
  • Flat vibration feeders
  • Circle vibration feeders
  • Complete vibration feeder systems
  • Tool presses, automation
  • Manufacture of welded frame structures
  • Machining custom and standard parts

Mont-Trade 21 Kft.

8200 Veszprém
Vécsey K. u. 4/B/1

Tel.: +36 88 429 036
Fax: +36 88 429 036

Plasma-Tech Systems Kft.

Plasma Tech Systems Ltd. is a Hungarian-owned company which is manufacturing plate industry machines. Our main activity is the production of CNC Laser and CNC Plasma cutting equipments. Our business was founded in 2008 with the idea of replacing expensive foreign equipments on the market with our very good value-for-money equipment. The real breakthrough was achieved in 2011, when we handed over our first complete Fiber Laser Workstation.
As a result, our equipment has been constantly being built since then, and we have now been in operation in many industrial environments. Our sales philosophy is based on personal relationships, we only sell equipment to our customers if they have tested our equipment personally at our reference site, with the requested parts.

Plasma-Tech Systems Kft.

6640 Csongrád
Szegedi út 1.

Tel.: +36 30 629 8025

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HU-8248 Nemesvámos
Huszárok utca 3.
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